If you guys are stuck on a question in this text book and you need help, here are the answers for educational purposes only. Try to do the. Business Management - Paul Hoang - Third Edition - IBID pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Start by marking “Business Management” as Want to Read: This is the third edition of Paul Hoang?s bestselling textbook, covering the new IB Diploma specifications in Business Management (first exams May ) in a critical and holistic way. Trivia About Business Management.

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Business Management-Paul Hoang 3rd Editon submitted 2 years ago * by Ib Business And Management Paul Free Download Here IB Standard. [PDF] [EPUB] Business Management-Paul Hoang 3rd Editon submitted 2 years ago * answers PDF file for free from our online library Business Management. 5 days ago What Is Business Process Management? - paul harmon, of business process trends, recently defined bpm 'as a.

The intrapreneur is independent, proactive, creative, and generates 6 An example would be a project manager of a large company who is given the authority to exercise independent entrepreneurial initiatives to develop and launch a new product for the organization, or to lead a subsidiary of the organization. Companies such as 3M and Google are well known for promoting intrapreneurship.

These companies encourage and fund intrapreneurs to create and oversee projects of their own choice. Case study Arthur Fry born is credited for inventing and commercialising the Post-it note in whilst working as a new product development researcher at 3M. Case study Paul Buchheit is an employee of Google, credited as the creator of Gmail.

He programmed the first working version of Gmail in just one day! Instead, he took the risk of setting up Apple with two friends in Jobs went on to reinvent computing, music and mobile phones, making Apple the highest valued company in the world, just two months before he died.

Business Management for the IB Diploma Study and Revision Guide

Box 1. The success or failure of a business rests on the talents and decisions of the entrepreneur. This is called capital growth. It is common that entrepreneurs earn far in excess of salaries from any other occupation that they might otherwise pursue. Transference and inheritance In many societies it is the cultural norm to pass on assets, including businesses, to the next generation.

Many self-employed entrepreneurs view their business as something that they can pass on transference to their children inheritance to give them a sense of security that might not be possible if they chose to work for someone 7 Business Organization and Environment Case study Section 1 Business Organization and Environment else.

Steps in the process of starting up a business Business Organization and Environment Common steps in the process of starting up a business or an Challenge Some people might view setting up and running a business as a challenge.

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It is this challenge that drives them to perform and what gives them personal satisfaction. Being successful in business boosts self-esteem.

This is perhaps one reason why billionaires such as Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim and Li Ka-shing continue to work despite being past the official retirement age. Autonomy Working for someone else means exactly that. Employees have to follow the instructions and rules set by the organization that they work for, such as the conditions of employment, working hours, benefits and holiday entitlement.

Conversely, being self-employed means that there is autonomy independence, freedom of choice and flexibility in how things are done within the organization. By contrast, employees can be dismissed, made redundant, or even replaced by technology. Although the risks are great, being self-employed also makes it potentially easier to accumulate personal wealth financial security to provide higher funds for early retirement.

Hobbies Some people might want to pursue their passion or to turn their hobby into a business. Successful entrepreneurs have a passion for what they do and this is made easier if the nature of the work is directly related to their interests. Top selling author, J. Rowling is an example.

Jamie Oliver, the television celebrity and chef who has set up several of his own restaurants is another example. Theory of knowledge Look at the reasons for starting up a business. How do reason and emotion interact to affect the decisionmaking process? Is emotion or reason more important in this process? The OCED reports that it takes an average of Nevertheless, the common steps in the process of starting up a business include: 1.

Write a business plan. Once the entrepreneur has a feasible business idea, this is officially formulated in a business plan.

This document will include the goals and objectives for the new business with an outline plan of how these targets are to be accomplished. Obtain start-up capital. Starting a business requires money. The loan process can take several months to complete, with the lender usually requesting a completed business plan before any funds are approved. Obtain business registration. Before a business can trade or hire workers, it must satisfy registration and licensing requirements.

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The owner s must also register the legal status of the business, i. Open a business bank account. To facilitate the financial operations of the new business, the owner s need to set up a business bank account. This allows the business to pay for its costs of operation and to receive payments from customers whether through bank deposits of cash, bank account transfers or credit card payments.

Almost all business bank accounts will have online banking facilities too. Potential customers need to know about the business and its products. This is done through the marketing activities of the new business, such as advertising and other promotional materials. For many businesses, this will also include establishing a presence on the internet. Having an effective website is essential to capture business opportunities with new customers and to establish credibility.

Table 1.

This might be done by identifying and filling a niche unfilled gap in a market or by providing products that have a unique selling point. It is also possible to enter existing markets although these may be saturated so the chances of success might be lower. However, finance is usually the key barrier to setting up a new business.

Record keeping of financial accounts see Unit 3. Many firms will hire accountants to help them do this.

Human resources Human resources are needed at all stages of business activity, from the design and development of a product to delivering it to the consumer. Entrepreneurs have to consider the need for hiring, training, retaining and motivating their staff. Enterprise Entrepreneurial skills are required to successfully plan, organize and manage the business. Effective leadership and negotiation skills are required to deal with different stakeholder groups see Unit 1.

Entrepreneurs must also have self-confidence and a passion for what they do. Fixed assets Fixed assets are needed, such as premises and capital equipment. The location decision see Unit 5. Suppliers Suppliers are needed to provide the business with its raw materials, finished stock of products and support services.

Negotiations over issues such as prices and delivery times also need to be undertaken. Customers Customers need to be attracted because without them the business will fail. This might be done by using market research to create products that are desirable, available at the right prices and sold in the right places.

Marketing Marketing is essential, irrespective of how good a business idea might be.

Marketing is needed to convince lenders and downloaders that the product is a winner. Legal issues Legalities legal issues also need to be considered, e. Infringement of legal issues can present huge problems for a business, e. Most new business ideas fail, mainly due to mismanagement. For example, the owners might have underestimated the challenges faced when setting up a business or being self-employed. Nevertheless, the pursuit of profit remains a key incentive for entrepreneurs to take such risks.

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