The Silver Sword - Ian Serraillier (PDF) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. By Ian Serraillier. Jul 22, The Silver Sword 16 editions. In Warsaw, World War II is raging, and people live in fear from day to day. Ruth, Bronia, and Edek have to fend for themselves when both of their parents are taken by the Nazis. The Silver Sword takes place during and immediately after the Second World War. The Balicki family (Joseph, his wife Margrit and their three children Ruth.

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Gill Bullen chose 1an Serraillier's The Silver Sword (published in the United. States as Escape from Warsaw), which she enjoys teaching to eleven and. Quest for the Silver Sword is the second in a series of adven- tures for the new DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Game. It is a self-contained product-it does not. Jan is the guardian of THE SILVER SWORD the small paper knife that belonged to the Balicki Family. It is a symbol of hope that will all find each other one day.

He eventually finds the ruins of his house, and discovers a boy sitting among the ruins with a cat.

He is holding a paper knife — the Silver Sword — that was once Margrit's. Joseph allows the boy who has introduced himself as Jan, a master pickpocket , to keep it if he returns the sandwich he has already stolen from Joseph.

Joseph tells Jan that he was planning to track down his wife who will have tried to make her way to Switzerland, as she has family there, and asks Jan to tell Joseph's children where he has gone, should Jan ever see them. Jan helps Joseph find a goods train going towards Germany, on which Joseph makes his escape.

Shortly after Joseph was taken to prison-camp, Nazi Stormtroopers had broken into the house and taken her away. Edek had fired shots at the retreating van in a bid to stop them from getting away. Ruth had admonished Edek for his folly and realised they had to escape, so the children climbed along the rooftops of the adjacent houses and watched from a distance as their house was blown up. The three children then spent the winter living in the cellar of a bombed house on the other side of Warsaw, and the summer living in woodlands outside the city.

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Edek fell in with black market dealers, and regularly stole food and clothes for his sisters and all the other children living with them, until one evening he failed to return.

Ruth eventually discovered that Edek had called at a house where the Nazis were searching for hoarded goods. They had then captured Edek as well as the house owner and set the house on fire before driving away with their captives. In , Warsaw was liberated by the Russians, but there was still no news of Edek's whereabouts or of the children's parents.

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Ruth and Bronia were still living in the city, in a new shelter, and one day Bronia found an older boy lying prone in the street. He introduced himself as Jan, and in his possession he had a wooden box.

Ruth befriended a Russian sentry called Ivan, who was stationed at a nearby control post and had been assigned as a liaison to the civilian population. He gave her various supplies and became a good friend.

The silver sword

He eventually managed to find out that Edek was in Posen , having escaped from the German labour camp where he had been held. Ruth, Bronia, and Jan made their way to Posen and eventually found Edek at a refugee feeding station; he was suffering from tuberculosis. Once the three siblings reunited, they travelled by train to Berlin, intent on finding their parents.

They arrived at a refugee camp, but Jan soon went missing in pursuit of an escaped chimpanzee, which had managed to flee from the zoo. Jan and the chimpanzee became best friends.

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He also befriended a British army officer named Mark, who wrote a letter to his aunt about the chimpanzee and its antics. Jan eventually returned to the others, and along with Ruth he obtained a temporary job. As the children made their way through Germany, Edek, whose health was steadily worsening with tuberculosis, was arrested while following Jan — who had been stealing food from several American trains bringing supplies to the troops.

Both boys were prosecuted by the military tribunal, but Edek was cleared of any crimes whilst Jan led a spirited defence, wherein he pointed out that certain American troops were equally guilty of stealing from the conquered Germans.

Nonetheless, Jan was sentenced to a week's detention.

Upon his release, the children continued south and were taken in by a Bavarian farmer named Kurt. All of the children were put to work on the farm except Edek, who assisted the farmer's wife with light chores.

A burgomaster, who was doing his rounds, crashed his car outside the farm.

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Home Children's The Silver Sword. Red Fox Published: The Silver Sword Ian Serraillier.

Paperback Ebook. View more editions.Jan was soon soaked to the skin. There was no time to lose. He meant to fight his way out if he had to. Very carefully he laid his plans.

The final adventure, a crossing of Lake Constance , proved to be the most dangerous as a terrible storm whipped up and capsized their boat.